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Re: Bug#775436: ITP: xlennart -- An XBill fork but with Lennart and SystenD instead of Bill and Wingdows


Is it really necessary to discuss this on debian-devel@? IMHO, it's
local issue, yet… And also please sorry for my English skills.

On 01/16/2015 03:48 PM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On 16/01/15 08:15 AM, Stephan Seitz wrote:
>> On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 07:32:41AM +1100, Riley Baird wrote:
>>> (Also, in any case, don't you think that this game is going a little too
>>> far? It's fine to be opposed to systemd, but don't do to Lennart
>> Well, do you see a difference to the original game with Bill Gates?
> Do you honestly not see the difference between poking fun at an upstream
> that is at the center of an ongoing controversy vs. poking fun at a
> competitor?

1. Everybody (who doesn't like systemd) already resigned, IMHO. There's
already no "controversy".
2. So you don't mind to add this package in future, right?

So, I can't tell for Stephan Seitz (who you asked), but I don't see
difference between "XLennart" and "XBill" in ethical and practical meanings.

> I personally don't care for the satire in this case and don't think it's
> constructive for the project.

"The project" is Debian?

> Is it worth the expenditure of project
> resources, even if ever so small, to allow a "joke package" (and a bad
> joke, at that, and hopefully one with limited shelf life), which throws
> oil on the fire?

1. You mean Debian infrastructure resources (like HDD space on Debian
2. As I said above, there no "oil on the fire". However I may be wrong,
of course.

> Where does it stop? A separate x<nameofsatiricaltarget>
> package per person whom some subset of users holds accountable for
> "ruining Linux"? How does this package make Debian better?

2 packages for 20 years is not too much. Why this should be stopped?
It's a part of history. This game represents very loud, long and
interesting moment in FOSS history. And it represents an essential
culture subset of nowadays FOSS community. So Debian will be better for
this people. If there's nobody from DD will agree with it, then the
package just won't be sponsored. I don't see any problem.

How does XBill make Debian better?

> I'd also object on the technical grounds that we already have xbill and
> the changes in xlennart don't truly justify a fork.

This could be easily solved by merging xbill with xlennart to "xperson"
with collection of this people (bill and lennart).

Best regards, Dmitry.

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