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Let's abandon debian-devel.

Hi all,

after unsubscribing from debian-vote, I had a bit of a thought about
debian-devel, which is hard to follow now, and suddenly I saw something very
clear.  This year's freeze seems of an excellent quality and promises to be
brief.  Is that thanks to debian-devel ?  Not much.  Excellent work is being
done on the Installer and is that thanks to debian-devel ?  Not much.  In 2010
when I was candidate to become DPL, I wrote that Debian was in growth crisis.
I think that it never has been so true.  Places like debian-devel, which can be
instrumental in smaller projects, are very toxic in larger ones.

>From now on I will try to see if I can give to Debian the same quality of
contribution without being subscribed to debian-devel.  And I invite you to
think about it and *not* to discuss it on this list.

With most of the work done on topic mailing lists, trolls lose the lever effect
they have when feasting on debian-devel or debian-vote.  Let's make our project
stronger by reducing thr attack surface for troublemakers.


Charles Plessy
Debian Med packaging team,
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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