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Aw: Let's abandon debian-devel.

Hi Charles,
> after unsubscribing from debian-vote, I had a bit of a thought about
> debian-devel, which is hard to follow now, and suddenly I saw something very
> clear.  This year's freeze seems of an excellent quality and promises to be
> brief.  Is that thanks to debian-devel ?  Not much.  Excellent work is being
> done on the Installer and is that thanks to debian-devel ?  Not much.  In 2010
> when I was candidate to become DPL, I wrote that Debian was in growth crisis.
> I think that it never has been so true.  Places like debian-devel, which can be
> instrumental in smaller projects, are very toxic in larger ones.
> >From now on I will try to see if I can give to Debian the same quality of
> contribution without being subscribed to debian-devel.  And I invite you to
> think about it and *not* to discuss it on this list.
> With most of the work done on topic mailing lists, trolls lose the lever effect
> they have when feasting on debian-devel or debian-vote.  Let's make our project
> stronger by reducing thr attack surface for troublemakers.

To me, the Blends of Debian and the many pkg-xyz lists are a bit of an answer.
Those are full with positive vibes, over time and with the help of sprints
we often came to know each other personally, too.

Debian-devel came to have problems. I personally found the answer in asking my
geographically local (and, admittedly, 20 years younger) hackers environment
about the issues that Debian is discussing, thinking that any vote in Debian
should also have me a bit as a representative of my surroundings whenever I
feel undecided. This was quite curative (I suggest to everyone take that
medicine yourselves) and somewhat also returns the strenghts to find the gems
in debian/devel again.



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