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Re: so long and thanks for all the fish

Hi Faidon,

On Sat, Nov 08, 2014 at 11:46:57AM +0200, Faidon Liambotis wrote:
> Extremely sad to read this, Joey.


I personally feel like loosing a friend.  If I imagine myself to leave
Debian I would leave a major part of my life and I guess its similar for
Joey and that the decision was hard. Joey, I wish you all the best in
your new life.

> I have to say though, I share your sentiments to a very large
> degree: I am, too, quite disappointed from Debian's current state of
> affairs. More to the point, I am, too, quite disappointed by the
> current behavior of the CTTE and by extension, its members.

I have not read that Joey mentioned CTTE or its members but "the
constitution".  I would be really happy if Joey would be more explicit
about what he regards the toxic part of the constitution.
> I don't have high respect for the committee as a whole right now and
> this is probably the opposite of how it should be. This is clearly a
> difficult time for the project and, unfortunately, the CTTE is in
> the middle of this debate and I believe it has actively made things
> worse. I don't think the CTTE members share this blame equally (not
> by a long shot), but especially considering the fact that it's a
> self-moderated body, noone is innocent here.
I do not share this point of view.  I consider it quite brave if
respected members of the Debian community who gained this respect due to
their technical competence are putting themselves in the line of fire to
draw decisions that need to be drawn to prevent stagnation.  As long as
we do not have some idea how to resolve issues better than by some CTTE
I do not see any point in generally blaming all its members about
innocence.  It is to easy to lean back as an "outsider" to say that
other people did wrong.

Kind regards and Joey, I'd be lucky if our pathes might cross anyway at
some point in time



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