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some dev suggestions from oldtime user: /usr/src source packages, non-forced bootloader, even more simple base-install with no GUI installer seriously

Just installed debian on an old amd32 platform, it booted in 4-5 seconds !:)

debian + GNU base, love it

debian is one of the last dists to create a no fuzz installer, only installer that is tolerable to me

so I hope the baseinstall will be made even more non-gui in the future
and perhaps apt-get all-source to fetch all sourcecodes for all programs on the system

I miss gentoo like that, having all sources in /usr/src or such

with debian I have to manually apt-src when I find something I want to hack

but I would like to hack anything at any time, to have source for any program in /usr/src automatically
auto updated too

is this coming in debian 8.0 ?:)

fully populated /usr/src , would be so neat, any geek would get an orgasm just by hearing about it
and an option to not be forced to using grub as the boot loader in installer, before there was a lilo option that was easy to chose

I love the debootstrap program for debian too, takes 2minutes to debootstrap a debian onto a HD
like no other dist... keep up the good work!:)

can't live without debootstrap or debian base installs

if only I could get the last thing missing in life... fully populated /usr/src for easy hacking

On Mon, 10 Nov 2014, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> On Sun, 09 Nov 2014, John Goerzen wrote:
> > Debian is a making-the-world-better project, a caring for people
> > project, a freedom-spreading project.   Free Software is our tool.
> [...]
> > My plea is that we each may get angry at what matters, and let go of the
> > smaller frustrations in life; that we may each find something more
> > important than init/systemd to derive enjoyment and meaning from. [5]
> Thank you for your message.
> It might not be what I was thinking when I joined Debian but over time
> it has became clear to me that there's more than just having fun building
> the best operating system, though this is still a core motivation
> and we should be very cautious to not destroy the fun others are having,
> even when when we don't share their opinions.
> To all the persons who are going to be disappointed, please follow John's
> advice or find a better way to channel your anger into something positive
> (either in Debian or somewhere else, it's not a big deal). Don't use it
> against other Debian contributors, because you would only contribute
> to destroy what we have built together.
> Cheers,
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