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Re: so long and thanks for all the fish

2014-11-08[Sat]11:38 Roman Czyborra read that
2014-11-08[Sat]10:46 Faidon Liambotis wrote
<[🔎] 545DE691.2090403@debian.org>:
Extremely sad to read this, Joey. The few times we've crossed paths, I've enjoyed working with you (and on your ideas) incredibly. And of course I am -as we are all- enjoying the fruits of your efforts, on a daily basis. It's a big loss to the project.

Where is Joey Hess going to?  Exists a better contract than Debian's?

On 11/07/14 23:04, Joey Hess wrote:
It's become abundantly clear that this is no longer the project I originally joined in 1996. We've made some good things, and I wish everyone well, but I'm out.

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