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Re: Please more fish (was: so long and thanks for all the fish)

On Sun, Nov 09, 2014 at 12:54:39PM -0500, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Ralf Jung wrote:
> > I read Joey's message over and over without getting any more clues. He
> > said the CTTE has "Decided it should make a decision", which it seems to
> > me it did not. So I probably misunderstood something more fundamental here.
> Read all of #762194 very carefully.  Note that no technical
> disagreement existed between project members, it was initiated by a
> committee member pushing a particular agenda with no consideration
> about his own conflict of interest

I don't understand why a member of TC should be disallowed to raise issues
for the TC to discuss.  Do you say that if, formally, the submitter would be
any other of numerous people who see problems in replacing working inits by
systemd, it would be perfectly ok, but if Ian did this this is no longer

I see a choir of voices shaming Ian for "abusing the constitution".  Yet it
turns out it's you who's picking on a formality rather than the problem at

And the issue in #762194 is distinct than #727708 and the GR:
#727708: what should be the default init system?
#762194: should existing installations be changed?
GR: can packages be tied to an init system?

None of the above gives an answer to the other two.
Thus, the issue Ian raised is valid.  And since changing the init system on
existing installations is an important _technical_ problem, it is in scope
for the CTTE.

Bottom line: Ian did nothing wrong.

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