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Re: Please more fish (was: so long and thanks for all the fish)

On Sat, 2014-11-08 at 22:32 -0500, Michael Gilbert wrote: 
> You are one of four
> complicit in the act that finally pushed Joey over the edge [0].
Don't you think it goes a bit far to personally accusing some people of
I guess Joey was long enough in the business to have known how to deal
with people he may have fought or disagreed with... and even if there
may have been something that gave the final spark for him to decide to
leave (there always must be, right?), it was likely no decision that
evolved out of wrath in one specific matter.

I'd think that if one has devoted so many years of one's own life into
some project, then such decision is very well made and evolved over some
long time.
Since after all, for someone who spend so much time for a project,
leaving it will actually mean a considerable chance of his life.

> The fire bell is ringing, and no one is getting out of bed.
Well that's probably a different topic, isn't it? As the recent
discussions have shown, there are many people who feel Debian goes the
wrong way in some fields - but I wouldn't make this all up to systemd.
I mean I have my concerns as well, mainly what happens to the BSDs, and
that I dislike the strong integration of systems that get too complex
(this always failed sooner or later)... but this is less the fault of
systemd itself, is it?
In the end it's quite easy: sysvinit has many deficiencies ans missing
feature, systemd is superior in all places.
The only thing *I* regret is that it's not really used to it's full
potential - i.e. in some places it rather seem we just try to rebuild
sysvinit in systemd, restricting ourselfs.
And for all people who are so unhappy with how GNOME develops,... well
I'm so either, but there are alternatives and as long as these can be
used, everything's fine.

But apart from these flame wars... giving personal responsibility to
someone seems really a bad way... if Debian starts engaging in that,
then it will really suffer terribly.

Actually I've just waited for it to happen, nevertheless it's kinda
Instead of further adding fuel to the fire, one should perhaps better
try to have people reconciling and maybe convince Joey to rescind from
leaving and remain in the project he spend so much time of is life for.

> The legitimacy of the technical committee has been entirely destroyed
> by misguided acts over the last year.
Well others would say that decisions had to be made, and the best that
was possible might have been done?

> All those involved (both explicitly and
> complicity) in the vote that caused Joey's suicide from Debian should
> consider resigning in shame.
"suicide"? o.O

> Even then,we need to reconsider the implicit danger of imbuing power
> that can do so much damage to a potentially non-representative subset
> of project members.
Quite often it also seems to be one of Debian's biggest issues, not to
have such leading people at least decide anything.


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