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Re: Please more fish (was: so long and thanks for all the fish)

On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 10:10 AM, Ralf Jung wrote:
> I read Joey's message over and over without getting any more clues. He
> said the CTTE has "Decided it should make a decision", which it seems to
> me it did not. So I probably misunderstood something more fundamental here.

Read all of #762194 very carefully.  Note that no technical
disagreement existed between project members, it was initiated by a
committee member pushing a particular agenda with no consideration
about his own conflict of interest, a technical solution that would
have avoided mediation by the committee was in progress, no
substantive thought or discussion occurred, and finally rubber
stamping without any forethought to potential consequence (except from

Yes, the Debian constitution right now allows the TC to misbehave like
that.  That is part of the constitutional crisis at hand.

The TC power needs to be reigned in.  Their actions should be limited
solely to disagreement mediation, and only when that doesn't involve a
conflict of interest pertaining to one of the TC members, and only
when all other attempts at reconciliation have tried and failed.

Best wishes,

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