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Re: Doxygen and embedded jquery problem, how to solve?

Hi Jonas,

On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 11:37:48AM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Please file RFP bugs for your needs (or if already filed please 
> reference which are the relevant ones).

I have no clue about this JavaScript stuff and little intentions to
learn it. After my inquiry, Doxygen upstream kindly added a jquery
folder to the Doxygen source with this README:


It tells you what is needed, but I am not entirely sure that it is kept
up to date, so maybe look into the folder as well. Please file those
RFPs yourself, as it requires knowledge of the ecosystem.

Beware though, that just having these libraries in the archive is not
sufficient for the doxygen package to use them. What we really need here
is the exact versions used by Doxygen and the guarantuee that they will
stick around as long as necessary. Since documentation is usually
Arch:all, it cannot just be binNMUed to remove Depends on outdated
JavaScript libraries.

So we probably need what Paul Tagliamonte said in this thread:

| This is the place in which I remind people javascript-common with
| multiple versions of jQuery would reduce maintainer burden and avoid
| filling the archive with tons of binaries if someone has a spare few hours.
| For jessie+1 I guess.

Maybe you start seeing why I gave up on this one. I still hope that some
day removing this embedding will be feasible.


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