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Re: Doxygen and embedded jquery problem, how to solve?

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 03:59:44PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> IMO the proper solution is for Debian packaging of doxygen to untangle 
> jQuery from extensions, depend on + symlink the jQuery part, provide the 
> extensions as a shared package, and patch doxygen code to generate 
> docuementation referencing each separately instead of the entangled one.

Yeah, I had that opinion as well before looking into implementing it. In
the mean time I did remove several embedded copies of jquery from
Doxygen, just not the one we are discussing here.  Maybe you could help
doing the missing work by packaging the missing javascript libraries?
It seems futile to discuss whether doxygen should set symlinks to files
that do not exist.

> ...but seems from that README that maintainers of doxygen have already 
> reflected on this and disagrees.

I do not disagree with the goal. I just disagree that doing the work is
worth the^Wmy effort. I.e. patches welcome.

> I suggest (but won't drive it myself) to file a bug against doxygen to 
> kindly reconsider...

Please don't. I'd have to merge it into #736432.

> ...and until eventually maybe progress on that front, either a) try 
> untangle the jquery+extensions code yourself for each and every single 
> package using doxygen, or b) embrace same attitude as doxygen 
> maintainers and add lintian suppressions referencing doxygen README as 
> comment.

I don't think it makes any sense to untangle this in individual
packages. If anyone puts up that work, it should happen in Doxygen.

A lintian suppression is not necessary, because this is a bug in
lintian: #736360.

Also packages shouldn't set Built-Using: doxygen. That's not what
Built-Using was created for.


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