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Re: piece of mind

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 08:35:05AM +0200, Christoph Biedl wrote:
> * consider skipping jessie altogether in the hope jessie+1 will
> provide alternatives or, at least has a systemd where development
> speed went down significantly.

That's backwards -- it's the future that's at risk, jessie is a fine release
with just a handful of breakages that still might be fixed before it's out.

Stuff I know that's broken with non-systemd:
* the Utopia stack (restart, shutdown, suspend, hibernate, mounting USB
  drives, etc from GUI (with low-level tools like pm-utils working)).
  This is supposed to be handled by systemd-shim which doesn't currently
  work for me, but some folks report it being ok.
* udev waiting 30 seconds during boot
with the whole rest being fine.  There might be more among things I don't
use, but if there was something grave, we'd hear it during the flamewars.

_I_ don't really know how to fix those.  In the case they aren't fixed
before release, and all those "fork Debian" folks turn out to be all wind,
what I would do is to make a repository with the last working version of
regressed packages (usually from a few months before now).  This is an easy
solution that lets you enjoy all the goodness of the rest of jessie.

As of the future, things look bleak if the GR fails, but it's not like
there's no hope.  For example, systemd might get chopped up into parts --
like uselessd (use-less-d or useless-d?) that would allow using the good
stuff (no boilerplate in init scripts) while retaining sanity elsewhere.
Or something else might happen.  I'm looking at openrc but its current
state doesn't look that great.  Fortunately, the freeze will serve as half
a year timeout with no big flamage expected.

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