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Re: dgit and upstream git repos

Dimitri John Ledkov writes ("Re: dgit and upstream git repos"):
> Sounds intriguing, can you please share design / intentions there?

I haven't done the research needed yet.  Facts are welcome.

In particular...

> git-dpm currently generates debian/patches/* with patches against the
> tree applied but without generating/storing .pc directory.
> And surprisingly dpkg-source works fine with that. Thus maybe the dgit
> sanity check can be adjusted to insure there is no diff between
> unpacked source package & git tree, sans .pc ? Because at the moment
> for example: quilt push -a, generates .timestamp files (which
> dpkg-source does not), hence `git add .pc; git commit -a -m "quilt
> spew"; dgit build -S` bombs out asking one to delete .timestamp files
> from the git tree.

... I had thought that the stuff in .pc is necessary for dpkg-source
to be able to build the package, and unpack the result.

If I can feed a .pc-less source tree to dpkg-source -b and get
roughtly the right output then that would obviously be a big


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