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Re: Minimum ISA

+++ Vincent Danjean [2014-10-08 23:52 +0200]:
>   Hi,
>   Is there somewhere a list of the minimal ISA for each supported Debian
> architecture?
>   For example, for armhf, the answer is here:
> https://wiki.debian.org/ArmHardFloatPort#Minimum_CPU_.26_FPU
>   But I did not find this kind of information for all other Debian architectures.
>   The goals is to tweak the code generated by pocl (a free OpenCL
> implementation) to be sure it will run on all supported machines.

Right. We are missing a distro-wide location for this
information. Currently it is effectively defined by the default build
settings of gcc. But really we should have an agreed place to find
this info and all compilers (but not jits as they can just use 'this
machine I'm on') should use the same defaults. I'm not sure how many
compilers we use to pre-build things in the archive but I suspect
there are quite a few.

I filed a bug aginst llvm recently as it doesn't even have a mechanism
to set this info, for distros to use, yet.

Deciding to have such info writen down somewhere is a good start, but
ther remains an interesting question about what format you write it
down in, as presumably each compiler uses (slightly?) different ISA

I'd certainly like to follow up this problem next year. A useful start
would be if people could list the affected packages, beyond gcc* and

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