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Re: systemd, again (Re: Cinnamon environment now available in testing)

On 08/09/14 14:44, Noel Torres wrote:
> Example: having EMC Networker server softare for backups in a sysvinit machine 
> is (relatively) easy, because the scripts for starting and stopping the 
> services are (quite) standard (but very complicated) sysv scripts.

systemd is compatible with LSB (i.e. sysvinit) init scripts. So is Upstart.

If they weren't, Debian wouldn't have been able to consider them as
possibilities for a default init system, given the significant number of
LSB init scripts that don't have a corresponding systemd unit or Upstart

(This horse is dead; if you insist on continuing to beat it, please at
least check that you aren't aiming at a nearby straw man instead :-)


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