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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

Le jeudi 14 août 2014 à 08:53 +0200, Christian PERRIER a écrit : 
> > → Will you configure different defaults for different architectures?
> Given the current architecture of tasksel, I think it requires
> important changes to the code and nearly nobody contributes to the
> code: tasksel is in maintenance only mode with easy to fix bugs being
> fixed as well as bugs or fixes required to cope with changes in
> installed packages.

Since a11y looks like a compelling argument to go back to GNOME by
default, I think we must address that point one way or another if we
want it to happen.

I think there are several ways to do that: 
      * tweak the debian-cd scripts to build GNOME images for Linux
        architectures and Xfce or MATE images for !linux (I can’t tell
        how hard it is) 
      * make stripped-down gnome-core/gnome metapackages for !linux,
        relying on lightdm and gnome-flashback (that I can do) 
      * hackishly make gnome-core/gnome metapackages depend directly on
        Xfce or MATE for !linux instead of GNOME (same)

Overall, a gnome-flashback solution would probably be more featureful,
but it is clearly less maintained than e.g. Xfce.

 .''`.        Josselin Mouette
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