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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop


vitalif@yourcmc.ru writes:
> By "neutral" I've meant a DE without "dubious" solutions discussed in 
> gnome3 flame wars all over the web. I don't really think we should also 
> discuss it here, just because we don't really want to start another 
> flame war :)

If you don't want to discuss your statement, you should have omitted
it in the first place, because it obviously is no contribution to the discussion.

> Of course I have no real numbers! What I've said is just my personal 
> opinion, based on that I've seen a lot of flame wars about GNOME 3 on 
> the web, and a non-zero count of forks/derivatives of GNOME 3 all aiming 
> at providing a "more classic" environment (MATE, Cinnamon, Consort, 
> Budgie).

Your personal opinion is certainly not an argument that needs to be
taken into consideration for deciding on a default for debian,
especially if it is formed on such dubious grounds.

> I don't want to discuss the specific usability aspects of GNOME 3, but 
> note there are NO such flame wars about XFCE :)

I am unsure about this statement, but if it is, I think this might very
well be more a reflection on the people who started those flames and
forks, than on any technical merrits XFCE might have over GNOME.

> And as I've already said, I would really prefer to see a choice in 
> debian-installer than discuss what should be the default...

This I can second. I'm especially unsure about whether or not the
options of "web server", "database server" and such are really usefull
as they are. I think most of the people really using those will have
special preferences about which web/database/whatever server to
install. For this reason I also stopped using tasksel a long time ago.


Axel Wagner

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