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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop


vitalif@yourcmc.ru writes:
> I'm not a Debian developer, just a Debian user, and I want to say that I 
> was happy to see XFCE being the default DE. Just because it's small, 
> classic and neutral DE - which GNOME 3 definitely isn't.

Can you qualify that statement? Especially the "neutral" part, it is not
obvious to me how a DE can be, or not be "neutral".

> I think XFCE is a better default... because I think it's not that
> uncommon for people to really dislike GNOME 3.

Can you quantify that statement? What is "not that uncommon" in numbers
(as in, when does something start to be "that" uncommon)? Doesn't have
to be some sharp boundary, just a ballpark, as in > 1/10/20% of users….

Additionally it might be beneficial to then point to some data on
percentages or numbers of how many people actually "really dislike"
(which should also be qualified, by the way…) GNOME 3 and wether or not
this number of people falls into the above mentioned guess for uncommonness.

I think this would benefit the discussion, if these points are to be considered.


Axel Wagner

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