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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop


I'm not a Debian developer, just a Debian user, and I want to say that I was happy to see XFCE being the default DE. Just because it's small, classic and neutral DE - which GNOME 3 definitely isn't. I think XFCE is a better default... because I think it's not that uncommon for people to really dislike GNOME 3.

But, generally speaking, I think that the whole debian-installer's "tasksel" is implemented inconveniently. You don't even know what you'll get after installing these very broadly defined "desktop environment", "web server", "database server", "mail server" tasks...

It installs exim for mail server, but I never use exim, I use postfix; it installs postgresql, but I need mysql more often; same for gnome3 - I never use gnome3, I use either XFCE or KDE... So I have to either purge it after installation or check nothing in the installer, and install everything by hand from the console.

Not a big deal of course, but for me it makes tasksel useless. Why debian-installer couldn't provide you with some choice? Of course if you're just using a CD/DVD image and have limited or no internet access you can't choose the DE that's not on your CD/DVD; but now there is no choice even when you use the netinstall image...

With best regards,
  Vitaliy Filippov

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