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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

Can you qualify that statement? Especially the "neutral" part, it is not
obvious to me how a DE can be, or not be "neutral".

By "neutral" I've meant a DE without "dubious" solutions discussed in gnome3 flame wars all over the web. I don't really think we should also discuss it here, just because we don't really want to start another flame war :)

I think XFCE is a better default... because I think it's not that
uncommon for people to really dislike GNOME 3.

Can you quantify that statement? What is "not that uncommon" in numbers
(as in, when does something start to be "that" uncommon)? Doesn't have
to be some sharp boundary, just a ballpark, as in > 1/10/20% of users….

Of course I have no real numbers! What I've said is just my personal opinion, based on that I've seen a lot of flame wars about GNOME 3 on the web, and a non-zero count of forks/derivatives of GNOME 3 all aiming at providing a "more classic" environment (MATE, Cinnamon, Consort, Budgie).

I don't want to discuss the specific usability aspects of GNOME 3, but note there are NO such flame wars about XFCE :)

And as I've already said, I would really prefer to see a choice in debian-installer than discuss what should be the default...

With best regards,
  Vitaliy Filippov

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