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Re: nmudiff enhancements

Hi folks,

On 07/17/14 03:16, Christian Hofstaedtler wrote:
> * Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> [140716 23:48]:
>> I do think there is plenty more room for soialising more NMUing. There
>> are piles of bugs in the archive that mostly just need uploading, and
>> many packages with a backlog of minor bugs, or packaging that frankly
>> just needs updating. But a lot of this quickly gets into 'updating'
>> and 'de-crufting' rather than simply minimally-bug-fixing. I suspect
>> that would see more pushback if one did much of it.
> Maybe these things need to happen in teams, basically sets of people
> agreeing on the same packaging principles (i.e. "we all use gbp and
> single-debian-patch and dh and ...") and everybody sharing the same
> goals could work on the "team" packages in collab-maint.

Maybe we should drop the current source package concept
completely and provide the package sources in git repositories
instead. This would allow everybody to work on a common
codebase, push code into the BTS, etc. It would even
be possible to push code to upstream or to the Ubuntu

Just dreaming. Regards

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