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Re: nmudiff enhancements (was: NMUing generally)

* Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> [140716 23:48]:
> BTW is there a reason why nmudiff doesn't actually do the upload, as
> well as filing the bug? It's very easy to forget the upload and thus
> confuse the maintainer by saying 'I have uploaded foo to delayed/X'
> when in fact you've not.
> It could easily enough run dupload or dput at the end...

I suspect it would also be beneficial if nmudiff would query the
LowNMU list and possibly lower the delay.

> I do think there is plenty more room for soialising more NMUing. There
> are piles of bugs in the archive that mostly just need uploading, and
> many packages with a backlog of minor bugs, or packaging that frankly
> just needs updating. But a lot of this quickly gets into 'updating'
> and 'de-crufting' rather than simply minimally-bug-fixing. I suspect
> that would see more pushback if one did much of it.

Maybe these things need to happen in teams, basically sets of people
agreeing on the same packaging principles (i.e. "we all use gbp and
single-debian-patch and dh and ...") and everybody sharing the same
goals could work on the "team" packages in collab-maint.

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