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Re: Transition plan for changing the default init system

On 07/16/14 23:22, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> So we are proposing the following scheme:
> a/ Upload a new "init" package. This is a new, essential package that
> will replace sysvinit as the package that ensures your system has an
> init system. We want to build this binary package from a package which
> is not tied to an actual init system, so we chose the
> init-system-helpers source package. Patch for init-system-helpers is
> available at [2].
> b/ Demote sysvinit to Priority: optional and install an extra copy of
> the sysvinit binary into /lib/sysvinit/ so you can recover if your
> system fails to boot with systemd. This can be achieved by booting with
> init=/lib/sysvinit/init on the kernel command line. Patch for sysvinit
> is available at [3].
> c/ Upload a new version of the init package which does the actual switch
> and changes the order via Pre-Depends: systemd-sysv |
> sysvinit-core. Diff[4]

I am not sure if this matters, but it seems to me that this
procedure depends upon a specific sequence of package uploads
and system upgrades in the field.

How do you make sure that the init from step a/ was installed,
when the user sees the new init from step c/ in his favorite


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