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Re: Proposal to avoid executable naming conflicts (was: Bug#753704: ITP: amap -- Next-generation scanning tool for pentesters)

Le mardi 08 juillet 2014 à 11:31 -0400, Eric Cooper a écrit : 
> Since Debian package names must already be unique, we ought to be able
> to leverage that to avoid having to fight over which package gets to
> claim which binary name.
> What about making it into a user's install-time decision,
> rather than a developer's packaging-time decision?

It sounds silly because the behavior becomes non-predictable.

The correct solution is Solomon’s judgment: whenever such name clashes
occur, force *both* packages to rename the binary, and have all reverse
dependencies in Debian use the renamed path.

This way, the user can add a symbolic link in /usr/local/bin if he wants
to use a third-party package that requires the use of a generic name.

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