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Re: Bug#753704: ITP: amap -- Next-generation scanning tool for pentesters

Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> writes:
> Here the surprise would come only if there were a system that is set
> up for both the purpose of bioinformatics and security port scanning,
> without the users being aware that there can be one or the other
> alternative installed.  I think that it is very unlikely.

I think this is not so unlikely as you might think. I am not sure about
bioinformatics, but I am used to have a lot of astronomy (an even
narrower field of science) related tools on my laptop, and once in a
while I like to do a security port scan. I would call a system broken
that then tells me "You can't do this unless you uninstall some
completely unrelated other program" -- especially if the uninstallation
of the conflicting program then leads to the removal of some dozen other

This is really not unlikely. Security tools are of potential interest of
quite a large group of people, including scientists (of any field).

And, especially in science, you may just need something that at the
first glance looks completely unrelated to the usual stuff, just because
someone had a brilliant idea how to combine things.

I actually like that Debian does not allow unnecessary conflicts here.

Best regards


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