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Re: Bug#753704: ITP: amap -- Next-generation scanning tool for pentesters

Hi Charles,

Quoting Charles Plessy (2014-07-08 13:24:34)
> We also have to consider that large multi-user, multi-purpose systems 
> are becoming rare because it is easier to have virtual servers, 
> chroots, and other container solutions.  To the practical possibility 
> of needing both programs at the same time is even lower than when the 
> Policy was written.

I disagree with your reasoning here.

Yes, computers become steadily more powerful, but no, it is not always 
the case that the added power is used to virtualize and compartmentalize 
- parallel to that, some also use it to shrink their systems - even down 
to wearable computing.

> Here the surprise would come only if there were a system that is set 
> up for both the purpose of bioinformatics and security port scanning, 
> without the users being aware that there can be one or the other 
> alternative installed.  I think that it is very unlikely.

I do not find it hard to imagine some of our users being interested in 
both bioinformatics and security, and I don't find it hard to imagine 
some of those being interested in pocket-sized computers either.

Let's try hard to leave to our users how they an combine the features we 
provide them, not take limiting decisions that rules out flexibility in 
their possible use of Debian.

It might be possible to "reboot into the security inspection OS" on a 
pocket device like a Nokia N900, but it certainly is less intuitive than 
"starting the port scanner".

 - Jonas

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