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Re: How to avoid stealth installation of systemd?

Joerg Jaspert dijo [Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 10:36:08PM +0200]:
> >> And should we open the archive for a series of "i hate $tool, i never
> >> want it" packages, where do we stop? In theory we could end up with a
> >> load of them.
> > Joerg, please be reasonable.
> I entirely am, and thats why such a hate package won't bypass me, unless
> there is one of
>  a CTTE decision,
>  a GR forcing me, or
>  the ftp team overruling me.
> (...)
> I wan't people to have the best system possible. Debian, via its CTTE
> way[1], has settled on going the way to systemd.

Thanks, Joerg. I trust you and the rest of the ftp-masters to uphold
sane decisions. You have my full support as just-one-more-DD.

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