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Re: mirror.debian.net down?

On 14/05/14 23:00, Luca Filipozzi wrote:
> I looked at the logs on ns1.debian.org through ns4.debian.org for the last
> week.  Not a single request that wasn't for SOA or RRSIG or DNSKEY, all from
> debian machines.
> Some may have gone to easydns' name servers, I suppose, but the debian
> nameservers were still set as authoritative.

Didn't that seem suspicious?  In a whole week not even a single query by
a webcrawler/spambot?

AFAICT *only* easynet's and one rcode0.net nameserver serve as
authoritatve nameservers for the debian.net SOA?  So unless something
changed recently, it is expected you would see ns[1-4].debian.org only
doing zone transfers but not serving legitimate queries?

In the last week at least 13 of my own servers/VMs at two sites (each
site has a caching DNS resolver), my desktop and also my laptop from
offsite have been querying this zone, every day.  I debootstrapped a new
chroot using this zone only two days ago.

Steven Chamberlain

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