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Re: mirror.debian.net down?

On 14/05/14 15:25, Luca Filipozzi wrote:
> In consultation with the mirror team, I will be dropping the mirror.debian.net
> zone, today.

Oh, that's unfortunate.  And odd to remove the service on such short
notice, unless I'm really the only person using it.

It may have been preferable to replace the zone with CNAMEs (one
wildcard record for each country that existed before, i.e.
*.{$country}.mirror.debian.net.) all to any one mirror's hostname, e.g.
ftp.debian.org.  Then it could stay functional in the long term for
anyone who might be using it.

Perhaps even http.debian.net, if Raphael wouldn't mind setting up the
(many) necessary wildcard virtual host to make it work.

Steven Chamberlain

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