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Re: systemd-fsck?


Kevin Chadwick:
> previously on this list Matthias Urlichs contributed:
> > I haven't yet seen a system where booting with init=/bin/bash works but
> > booting systemd in emergency mode does not.
> Have you added me to a killfile?

* Am I under some sort of obligation to read each and every message in this
  thread, or indeed on debian-devel?

* Are you capable of understanding what other people write?
  _I_ have not seen such a system.
  If I had, (a) I'd admit that and (b) I'd have tracked down the problem.

> I mentioned such a bug as happened in Arch testing in this very thread
> or do you mean a debian system?
I'd be very interested in the cause of that bug, and presumably so do the
systemd maintainers. However, on my machines systemd's emergency mode
worked flawlessly every time I needed it.

(SysVinit's "single" mode, for the record, did not.)

> How it wasn't found before hitting testing beats me 

* Boot your system in emergency mode.
* It works.

How else would you test that?

-- Matthias Urlichs

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