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Re: systemd-fsck?

On Mon, 12 May 2014, Steve Langasek wrote:
> Bug #746587 is a prime example.  But more generally, I'm looking for
> evidence that we're being systematic about making sure the packages that
> hook into early boot, either via /etc/rcS.d or /etc/network/if-up.d, will
> still work correctly after the transition.  Maybe we won't have all of these

#743265: systemd: booting with init=/bin/systemd drops into emergency mode

If a device is not available but listed without "noauto" or "nofail"
in /etc/fstab, systemd drops into emergency mode.

If this happens on a remote server the system is practically hosed
and needs intervention from a local technician.

This can happen on *any* server that has been booting happily since
many many years. Thus, systemd is *not* a drop-in replacement for now.

The usual response is "the fstab is wrong, systemd is right", and
in the bug report I first subscribed to it. But I changed my mind
thinking about servers (e.g., mine, across in a different continent).
If a system happens to be automatically and *without* interaction
to be switched to systemd and become unbootable without local
access, then this is a serious degradation.


PS: There might even me relevant use cases of the above - imagine
a early boot script that checks for a special mounted directory
and if it is present boots into a special USB mode, thing Tails or
gpg signing or similar.

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