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Re: copyrighted embedded ICC profiles in images

Quoting Ben Hutchings (2014-05-10 14:37:35)
> On Sat, 2014-05-10 at 11:10 +0200, Jérémy Lal wrote:
>> Jonas Smedegaard brought to my attention that an image file [0] can 
>> embed a copyrighted ICC profile without license.
> [...]
> This sounds like a ludicrous overreach of copyright.  Isn't an ICC 
> descriptive, rather than creative?  And the idea that vendors could 
> claim images made with their products (very likely with no explicit 
> action to use the profile) to be derivative works is appalling.

I see it as two works embedded into same container: If a camera embeds a 
copyright-protected ICC profile each time is generates a JFIF file, I 
would consider only the ICC profile protected by that copyright, not the 
image data also embedded into same file.

I believe Debian cannot ship the contents of Debian package icc-profiles 
in main.

I believe it violates DFSG to ship e.g. JFIF or GIF files which contains 
copyright-protected but not freely licensed ICC profiles.

I believe it does not violate DFSG to ship e.g. JFIF or GIF files which 
was upstream distributed with copyright-protected but not freely 
licensed ICC profiles, if repackaged to strip those ICC profiles.

In many (but not all - need active decision by package maintainer) 
cases, ICC profiles can simply be stripped with no practical loss of 
functionality or quality.

 - Jonas

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