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Re: Debian default desktop environment

Hi Dmitry,

2014-04-03 23:18 GMT+02:00 Dmitry Smirnov <onlyjob@debian.org>:
> On Thu, 3 Apr 2014 14:16:15 Undefined User wrote:
>> The problem is that right now Debian project is changing its default
>> desktop environment, and I think that this is not a good move. Of course,
>> it all depends on where the project is aiming at, specially on which users.
>> But, for normal users, Gnome 3 is a way better experience than Xfce.
> I think Xfce is much better *default* desktop environment (DE) than Gnome.
> As KDE fan I do not like Gnome. Those who forget to choose DE in installer
> (just like I did more than once) and end up with Xfce will have a lot less to
> remove from their systems shall they choose to use a different DE.
> Faster installation is another good reason to stick with Xfce by default.
Xfce being smaller is a clear technical advantage, but a very weak reason
for choosing it as _the_ single default desktop because this is far
from being only a technical decision.

I myself use awesome WM, but I think Gnome 3 would be the best as a
single default because it is reasonably usable for everyone, it looks
cool and it was the default in Wheezy.

I keep a Gnome 3 installation on  my system to show it to people
interested in learning and converting Linux. I guess you agree that
awesome does not exactly look welcoming. :-)

Xfce is friendly enough, but it feels old compared to Gnome 3 and I
would like to attract new users before convincing them. It is much
easier than in the opposite order. :-)

As a resolution for the lengthy debate I suggest adding a "Debian lightweight
desktop environment" task to tasksel installing Xfce, providing a
'lightweight desktop' CD #1 shipping it and switching back to Gnome 3
as the default DE.

This would match Ubuntu's offering with Ubuntu/Lubuntu which I found a
proven scheme.


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