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Re: when will we finally throw away binary uploads (Re: Please upgrade your build environment when you are affected by transition

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 01:11:55PM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> First, we need new syntax to specify the architectures an arch:all
> package may be built on. (There may be cases where this cannot be
> deducted from the other binary packages it builds – if any. Heck,
> there may even be cases where a source package has multiple arch:all
> packages that need to be built on *different* architectures.)
> Then we need to have this syntax supported by dpkg in stable, AIUI…

Yo, tg,

I was going to send a mail about this yesterday. I've decided I'm going
to start a quest to support this. I settled on Build-Indep-Architecture

Anyway, dpkg doesn't need to be involved besides not choking on the
d/control line. We can just change wanna-build, debile and launchpad to
pass --arch-all to sbuild[1], which sbuild totes already supports.

The launchpad team seems willing, and i've not talked with wanna-build,
but I'm sure they're up for it.

BTW; the syntax would define a single arch; you know, in the spirit of

Someone willing to take this work up from me would clear my plate up to
do other thing, but it's something I want to see :)


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