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Re: pulseaudio related problems....

Le 2014-02-21 09:57, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz a écrit :
On 02/21/2014 09:29 AM, Mario Lang wrote:
I am sorry, both are not an option for me, since alsamixer is a ncurses
program, and pavucontrol apparently requires $DISPLAY to be set.

I guess that explains why the accessibility community has
problems with PA.

What's wrong with the accessibility mechanisms provided in GNOME
(screen reader, magnifier)? (Serious question). I had the impression
that accessibility works rather well in GNOME and upstream actually
puts efforts into making that happen.

Not the same accessibility. And the screen reader will not work if PA does not work. This is quite difficult to debug remotely; if the user cannot describe the output of
commands, then we are doomed.

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