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Re: pulseaudio related problems....

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de> writes:

> I think most people simply don't configure PulseAudio correctly.
> They have the assumption that sound cards are still simple devices
> with one input jack and one output jack and any application using it
> just has to find the sound card and output its audio signal.
> It's not as simple as that anymore. Modern audio codecs have tons of
> options and volume controls, and - from my experience - most problems
> to PulseAudio relate to the sound card being incorrectly configured.
> To resolve this problem, people then try to use tools like alsamixer
> and naturally, since alsamixer doesn't know anything about PulseAudio,
> it cannot fully configure it.
> So, in order to be able to properly configure PulseAudio, install
> "pavucontrol" or use the sound preferences in GNOME3 or MATE (with
> the package mate-media-pulse being installed).

I am sorry, both are not an option for me, since alsamixer is a ncurses
program, and pavucontrol apparently requires $DISPLAY to be set.

I guess that explains why the accessibility community has
problems with PA.


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