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Re: default init on non-Linux platforms

Le mardi, 18 février 2014, 22.55:32 Thomas Goirand a écrit :
> Once I consider OpenRC ready for it, would it be ok to just replace
> sysv-rc by OpenRC, and transform sysv-rc into a transitional package?
> What is the opinion of other DDs? Is there anyone which would like to
> keep the old featureless sysv-rc?

I think we should focus on one init system change at a time.

Having the good-old sysvinit setup still working in a satisfactory 
manner is nice while preparing Jessie: that's what Wheezy has and 
therefore has to be supported to upgrade to Jessie (think partial 
upgrades, full-upgrade-not-rebooted-yet, etc etc). When testing crazy 
stuff with systemd, I know I can always fallback to sysvinit if I broke 
any .socket or .service unit I'm working on. It will be slower and feel 
old, but would most certainly boot and provide me with comfortable ways 
to debug. If that was changed to OpenRC, we'd exchange the sysvinit 
safety net that all got to know in exchange for a brand new safety net 
that we don't really know yet.

Moving to OpenRC as the secondary init for Jessie looks like changing 
the two wheels of a bike at the same time. I'd widely prefer to keep 
sysvinit (as old it might feel) for Jessie, especially as transition 
point from Wheezy and have these discussions again after Jessie is 

That shouldn't stop you from providing the best OpenRC integration in 
Debian, be it for the ports or in preparation for jessie+1.


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