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systemd - getting started?


I liked sysv-rc for the same reason I still use my TI-89. I know how it
works and I know how to use it. I think I can see the merits of systemd

It would be nice if someone could update the wiki with some links for
getting started though. At present, the wiki makes it look like systemd
is not ready for anything and is incredibly buggy. This probably isn't

Things that have been fixed should probably be removed from the wiki
page (they'd remain in the history of the page, so we don't lose them).

Things I'd like to see are:

 * A systemd primer (like what is a service file?)
 * Packaging documentation for systemd (some has been started [1])
 * How to hack together a service (this is something I did quite a lot
for homebrew scripts on servers)

There are probably other things that others would like to see too.

I can see a lot of enthusiastic systemd supporters on the list, so I'm
sure someone has the knowledge that I'm seeking.

If someone can even just provide a braindump I'll wikify it.

I'll be packaging a lightweight database system soon and I'm going to
need to know what to do about the init system scripts for it.

Sorry if this has already been covered, but this list has been so active
with argument lately that I may have missed it.


[1]: https://wiki.debian.org/Systemd/Packaging

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