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Re: systemd - getting started?

"Iain R. Learmonth" <irl@fsfe.org> writes:

> Things I'd like to see are:
>  * A systemd primer (like what is a service file?)
>  * Packaging documentation for systemd (some has been started [1])
>  * How to hack together a service (this is something I did quite a lot
> for homebrew scripts on servers)
> There are probably other things that others would like to see too.
> I can see a lot of enthusiastic systemd supporters on the list,

I'm not quite sure I qualify as one :)

But I'd still like to recommend Neil Brown's excellent article series on

You'll have to subscribe to read those now (or wait).  But I assume the
Debian developers group subscription still applies? Ref

I'm not a DD, so I cannot verify that...  Anyway, LWN is certainly worth
paying for, even if you're not going to use systemd :-)


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