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Re: systemd - getting started?


  In fact, I installed systemd on my jessie system just yesterday.  So
far I filed two (not very major, promptly being dealt with) bugs and
after a lot of initial conservative scepticism, I'm quite excited
especially by journald. :)

  I found switching to systemd trivial by just following:


After a reboot, I just played with various systemctl, journalctl and
loginctl commands to get a feeling of it.

  My first experience with a service file has been following


(note that on Debian, stock service files live in /lib/systemd, not

  My rsyslog prints all logs to /dev/tty12 and it continued to do that
just fine after a switch to systemd, but I decided I like the color
coding provided by journalctl and thus wrote my first systemd service
file that'll make journalctl run permanently on /dev/tty12, printing new
log entries. I described what I got (after 10 minutes, incl. reading
manual and debugging) on:


  Hope that's useful,

				Petr "Pasky" Baudis

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