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Proposal: SystemD.pushers/forcers be physically beaten as revenge.

Proposal: SystemD pushers/forcers be physically beaten as revenge.

The people, such as Adrian, who are pushing systemd as the one
and only init system for debian should be physically harmed.

They are wresting from all of us a nice unix like OS, they
argue against choice and if they have their way the systemv
scripts will be removed, and other non-systemd inits
will not be allowed.
This is top-down dictatorship. This is how the systemd
people operate. Go to any of their discussions.

They say they are trying to "help debian". This is similar
to how the church in the middle ages "helped" men's souls,
by burning them alive or torturing them.

Debian exists for people, it is not a religion.
It is not a sculpture.

The systemd pushers/forcers say they are trying to
"improve debian" by forcing one choice of init on
all of us (especially Adrian).

Debian exists not for itself, but for all of us.
Adrian and the other systemd pushers are trying
to take debian away from us and make it suitable
only for them and their "users" (ie their "citizens"
"subjects" people they rule over).

Those of us who do not want systemd, but instead
want to keep an low profile, low attack surface,
proven, reliable, resolute, simple init need
to do something if we wish to keep a unix like
option for debian linux. Since the systemders
are using the debian process to overrule
choice and freedom, some other method will
be needed to keep them from implementing their
goal of having systemd as the only init system
for debian.

I think we will have to physically attack the
exclusive systemd people.

Words do not phase them. Arguments are useless.
They dismiss everything and declare themselves
victorious. They corrupt the process and always
seek to remove choice and freedom and use
every kind of metaphore to accomplish that.

I simply want to beable to continue to use what
I have used thus-far. I am sure many system
admins would like the same.
Adrian and other systemd pushers are not apt
to allow that.

They need to be physically restrained or beaten
untill they come to a different conclusion
or enter a state where they are no longer
capable of coming to any conclusions.

We owe them nothing, but they seek to own us
or remove us from debian, and linux in general.
We should fight back. In any way that is

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