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Re: Call to fork

Le mardi, 11 février 2014, 11.12:24 Florian Lohoff a écrit :
> Debian is not as useful as it was a couple years back. I started with
> debian because of m68k and later contributed the first mips and mipsel
> packages and hosted the first buildds for mips and mipsel.

Cool, thanks!

> Debian has lost me since - The discussion about dropping and factual
> dropping of architectures - the Gnome3 stuff which is/was far from
> production quality (e.g. #698340, #698781), brokeness in debian
> installer (#712879) and now the systemd stuff.
> Stuff which used to work gets broken and nobody cares.

I'd rather say that it's because _you_ don't care enough. You know, we 
don't drop architectures because it's cool or because it makes any of us 
happy, only because there's globally not enough manpower to make them 
sustainable on sufficiently long terms, as well as releasable as part of 
our stable releases. More architectures would certainly be in jessie if 
there were enough people standing behind each port, making sure that the 
latest gcc works, that the kernels don't suddenly segfault or panic, etc 
etc. The same goes for Gnome3: some things could get fixed given enough 
involvement. Some upstream choices will probably not be reverted, but 
could otherwise be implemented differently. The MATE Desktop Environment 
is making its way into Debian, because enough people wanting that to 
happen, jumped in the boat and made sure it would. Wishing that things 
should happen doesn't make them become reality; it needs real work from 

You know, we're all volunteers here, why don't you join us and fix (or 
help fix) the things that are broken for you?


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