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Re: conflict between system user and normal user

Quoting Russ Allbery (2014-02-08 22:11:04)
> The one piece that we do need if we're going to standardize, on top of 
> an agreement that standardization is useful, is an adduser --rename 
> command. There are a bunch of packages in the archive right now that 
> stomp on the normal account namespace (such as my own lbcd package), 
> but removing and recreating the user has a ton of problems.  If there 
> were a way that I could just rename the system lbcd user to _lbcd, 
> with some additional sanity checks, I would do so, and deal with the 
> required updates to the init script and similar configurations.

Seems you are essentially talking about this;

  usermod -l $NEWNAME $OLDNAME

What would such --rename option to adduser script contain, beyond that?

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