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Re: conflict between system user and normal user

 ❦  7 février 2014 10:52 CET, Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> :

>> Choose a name which is less likely to conflict, e.g. exim uses Debian-exim.
> I think consensus was converging on prefixing an underscore for system
> users (_foo) last time we discussed this.

There was no consensus if I remember correctly. And many of the
expressed voices preferred the `Debian-` prefix. As far as I am
concerned, I don't understand why we can't follow systems that have
solved this problem since years by adopting the underscore prefix (*BSD,
OS X), with the additional "plus" that it keeps the name short to avoid
truncation or replacement by uid.
Use variable names that mean something.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)

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