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conflict between system user and normal user


I am the maintainer of the tango package which contain the tango-db binary.

This tango-db provide a service called tango-db which connect to a mysql database.
I follow the debian-policy to create a dedicated system user for this services.
So I used the tango user which is the name of the community in charge of the tango-control system.

during the installation I generate a .my.cnf in the system user tango home which I set under
/usr/lib/tango in the package

now If a non-system user tango exist the home is not /usr/lib/tango but most probably /hom/tango.
so the installation process faild because it can not create the /usr/lib/tango/.my.cnf

What is the correct way to deal with this kind of problem ? I cannot find in the policy something
about conflict between system and non-system user.



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