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Re: Proposal: let’s have a GR about the init system

Stefano Zacchiroli <zack <at> debian.org> writes:

> *technical* decision is stupid.  We really need to stop thinking that
> every single member of the Debian project, just because he/she is a DD,
> has a clue on every single technical matter that go on in the project.

This means that you just don’t vote if you don’t know about it,
it doesn’t mean that polling among these who know is bad.

> And note that proving you have a clue on something in Debian is pretty
> easy: just work actively on that matter, being the maintainer of related
> packages, or having a verifiable flow of working patches against them,
> etc.

In this specific case, what’s “related packages”? For example, if I want
to insist that sysvinit keeps being supported, but the GNOME people still
hard-depend on systemd, and neither side would possibly let me “in”… this
“just work on it” is, in reality, not possible. (Also, I have no interest
in working on either GNOME or systemd, I just want them to not intrude on
“my soil” and don’t want to intrude on theirs, unless – which they (they
seem to blend together, anyway) currently do – they tread on mine.)

Things like this are *not* technical issues that can easily be solved
by submitting patches.

> The decisions about the init system (both "which are the supported
> ones?" and "which is the default one?") clearly belong to the tech-ctte
> at this point.

Not as badly worded as currently. But I assume CTTE would collect
arguments, possibly from this thread. That’s why I’ve agreed to
wait, even though several others would support the GR right now.


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