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Re: tech-ctte: Decide which init system to default to in Debian.

Hi Paul,

Whilst I think you have honourable intentions in referring this to tech-ctte, I can't help but think it's premature.

The systemd maintainers have never said that they believe systemd is ready to be the default init nor whether they could handle supporting it if the decision was made out of their hands.

They have proposed a release goal that is probably a necessary prerequisite for default init but has not yet been achieved. (I wouldn't expect it to be, yet. We aren't releasing for ages.)

If asked what init system should be default *now* the only reasonable answer is "stick" but that isn't a useful question.

I'm worried asking and answering the question at such an early stage is going to prevent it being asked again at a more appropriate time.

It does feel like we've spent a long long time discussing these things but as the saying goes, "talk is cheap, show me the code". Even a *lot* of talk is cheap.

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