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Re: Proposal: let’s have a GR about the init system

On Fri, Oct 25, 2013, at 16:19, Paul Tagliamonte wrote:
> > Let’s GR it.
> Let's tech committee it :)

I was just going to say the same.  I don't think we need a full GR,
let's just shove it to tech-ctte, so they can make an informed decision.
We have the Tech CTTE for this type of decisions after all.

And I fully agree with Marco d'Itri that we need one system. Although I
prefer systemd I don't really care strongly about that as long as it's
not sysvinit. I am tired of writing hundred+ lines of shell script for
stuff I can express in 15 lines:

$ grep -Ev "^(#|$)" nsd.init.d | wc -l
$ grep -Ev "^(#|$)" nsd.service | wc -l
$ grep -Ev "^(#|$)" nsd.upstart | wc -l

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