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Re: let's split the systemd binary package

]] Marvin Renich 

> I believe that systemd/GNOME upstream is intentionally coupling the two
> in order to force adoption of systemd.

You're aware that GNOME and systemd upstreams are two completely
distinct groups with (AFAIK) very little overlap between them, right?
Even if one assume that they are intentionally coupling the two of them
tightly, I fail to see a motive on the GNOME maintainers.  They have no
obvious interest in making systemd ubiquitous.

> There are obviously others who do not believe this.  If it is true,
> however, I would consider it sufficient justification to both change
> Debian's default DE and eliminate systemd as a candidate for the
> default init system, regardless of any technical merits.

I have no idea how you get from «GNOME upstream couples their software
tightly to systemd interfaces» to «systemd should not be a candidate for
being a default init system».

GNOME upstream makes their own decisions on what interfaces they use.
They choose to depend on particular interfaces, and they should carry
the burden for that.  Not the depended-on component.

Also, I would personally be happier with switching the default desktop
environment away from GNOME if that means they the Debian GNOME
maintainers are more free to maintain the package as they believe best
without being micromanaged in what they put into their dependency

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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