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systemd effectively mandatory now due to GNOME


Well I hope this doesn't turn into some kind of flame war... about
systemd, GNOME or similar.

In sid, gnome-settings-daemon depends now on systemd.

I wouldn't have any issues with that, but at least right now systemd is
for me not yet production ready (it seems to miss proper dm-crypt
integration - or at least all those use cases where dm-crypt makes sense
at all).

Of course I can install the package but don't have to switch init= to
it, nevertheless it seems that already this alone adds several things
(udev rules, dbus stuff and some things in the maintainer scripts) that
*will* get enabled.

I've opened #726675, asking the GNOME developers what they think about
this, but the only answer so far is basically "GNOME now depends on
I personally think this is a design problem of GNOME upstream and we
have previously seen that GNOME upstream forces their "blessings" upon
their users - anyway... probably not something we can change from Debian

So I guess the question is mainly,... what's the policy from Debian side
now with such cases?
And does anyone know whether it causes "hurt" to just install the
package without using it?


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